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ThunderVoice Hat Co.

Sacred Beginnings

Sacred Beginnings

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The Creator wanted us to live happy and learn to walk together in harmony. To do so we were given a Mother called earth, to care and provide for us. We were given stewardship to care for our mother and in return we'd prosper on the land.

Mother Earth cared for us and provided for every needful thing. When we were hungry; we were fed, when were thirsty; pure water was never too far away. When we were sick, she grew medicines to heal the body, mind and spirit.
She gave freely, asking nothing in return.
She was Sacred. she was beautiful.
The Creator trusted man to care for her and living things.
Man became great and prospered. But in his greatness he forgot his mother. He built buildings to block his view of her beauty, roads to cover her nakedness.
She gave freely and man took.
He forgot his stewardship.
He forgot her sacredness.
And in so doing he forgot his own sacredness.
man became depressed and lost his way.
In his sadness, he searched for meaning once more. He walked out of his buildings, he walked far past his roads. His feet touched earth once more and He saw the beauty his mother offered.
He felt pure love.
Man finally remembered.
But he feared it was too late, he had taken too much and his mother was dying.
Man fell to his knees and pleaded with the Creator as he hugged his mother.
Creator wept.
He loved all his creations. But it was too late. Man had gone too far...

Based on "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo. In this version, Thunder Voice Eagle does a rendition from a Native American perspective. Merging both worlds. Many cultures have creation stories. In my culture, we are told we are Sacred. Creator has placed beauty all around us to remind us who we are. 


The 8 x 10 is printed on 110 lb. cover weight luxury pearlescent paper. The pearlescent coating protects the colors for longer and produces a brilliant and high contrast image. 

The 4x5 is printed on 16 pt premium matte paper which produces a brilliant and high-quality image.


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ThunderVoice Eagle

Raised part-time in the Arizona wilderness, living off the land, and part-time in the city, ThunderVoiceEagle grew up in two worlds. With this perspective, TVE has merged his ancient culture with modern America, through art, fashion, and commerce. Reclaiming, reharmonizing, and renewing a way of life in an authentic way.

ThunderVoice Eagle is the Founder and President of ThunderVoice Hat Co.

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