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ThunderVoice Hat Co.

Mount Matriarch

Mount Matriarch

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In many Indigenous communities, women hold positions of power and are responsible for maintaining the well-being of the community. This form of leadership is based on principles of reciprocity, respect, and responsibility, and it has sustained Native communities for thousands of years.

Despite this, the United States government has historically recognized male leaders over female ones, further marginalizing Native women. So today we will use as a reminder of the need for greater recognition and respect for women's contributions to their communities.

Celebrate our Matriarchs and the contributions of these powerful women.


Both 8x10 and 4x5 are printed on 16 pt premium matte paper which produces a brilliant and high-quality image.


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ThunderVoice Eagle

Raised part-time in the Arizona wilderness, living off the land, and part-time in the city, ThunderVoiceEagle grew up in two worlds. With this perspective, TVE has merged his ancient culture with modern America, through art, fashion, and commerce. Reclaiming, reharmonizing, and renewing a way of life in an authentic way.

ThunderVoice Eagle is the Founder and President of ThunderVoice Hat Co.

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