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Morning Sky Mask (10 Count)

Morning Sky Mask (10 Count)

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New and Improved mask design.
Perfect to protect you and your loved ones during your Holiday travels. 

•4 ply
•KN95 Grade
•Disposable Mask with ear loops and adjustable nosepiece
•One size fits most

Package Infomation

10 individually packaged disposable masks in each pack.

Care Instructions

•Wash hands before putting the mask on.
•Tighten the ear loops with a knot if needed to keep the mask snug.
•Do not touch the front of the mask during wear or removal.
•These are not medical grade.
•Please comply with all CDC recommendations for safety and health.

Additional Information

Disard your mask:
•If it has come in contact with unclean or questionable surfaces
•If the mask no longer securely covers your mouth and nose
•If an ear loop breaks or become unsecure
•If you touch in the inside of the mask
•If it shows any signs wear or tear

Do not use a mask more than five times. (As stated by the CDC.)

Final Sale

All masks are final sale and are ineligible for returns or exchanges.

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