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ThunderVoice Hat Co.

The Legend Hat 03

The Legend Hat 03

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The Legend hats are a Special Edition Collector's Hats that have been exclusively crafted by Thunder Voice Eagle to commemorate our Fifth Anniversary. This distinguished line of designs harmoniously merges contemporary styles with the timeless artistry of Navajo culture.

Cream - Arrowhead Crease. *Natural Patina

Leather band with - Vintage 

US Standing Liberty Silver Coin - handcrafted Concho

Second Band - Vintage Navajo Naja pendants with Navajo Pearls

Size - 7 (Can size down to 6 7/8).

Reclaimed Vintage Stetson 12X.

Hat sourced from NV.

Leather sourced from UT.

*All ANNIVERSARY products are excluded all sales, promotions, and discounts.*

About the Artist

Thunder Voice Eagle is the esteemed founder and original creator of Thunder Voice Hat Co. (TVHC), a distinguished brand that produces one-of-a-kind Native-made hats. Despite its humble beginnings in a small trailer, Thunder Voice Eagle crafted hats while on the go, simultaneously showcasing his exceptional artistic talent, and laying the foundation for the thriving business that we know today.

From a young age, Thunder Voice Eagle exhibited exceptional talent in the field of art, which later became his life passion and that served as a catalyst for his hat creation. As a teenager, he worked alongside his father and brothers, teaching survival skills to youth and families in the wilderness. During this time, Thunder Voice Eagle noticed that his father always wore a trusty hat, shaping it to his liking. This observation inspired Thunder Voice Eagle to create Thunder Voice Hat Co., following in his father's footsteps in his own unique way.

Raised by a mother and father who instilled in him the belief that all life is sacred and that all things ultimately return to Mother Earth, Thunder Voice Eagle has a deep commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. He is dedicated to creating sustainable products and finding environmentally conscious methods to produce them.

Thunder Voice Hat Co. not only showcases the exceptional hat-crafting skills of Thunder Voice Eagle and his brothers but also features his life-long passion for art. His work is a testament to the skill and dedication that Thunder Voice Eagle brings to every aspect of his business.

Hat Sizing

All Hat Sales are finale sale and cannot be exchanged or returned.

Please be sure to check your sizing by using our hat sizing guide.

Care Instructions

Each hat is a vintage piece that has been sourced just for you. That being said, each hat has developed character and been loved before it is passed along to you.

The character includes the normal wear you may expect when an item has been cherished and used with care.

Please treat your hat with care.


Pro tips:

+ Your hat can handle a bit of water, but try and keep them dry
+ Your hat sits best on flat surfaces or hanging on a wall
+ Reach out with any specific questions about care and we are more than happy to help

Liability Disclaimer

By purchasing this art piece (hat) you absolve Thunder Voice Hat Co. and its team from any injury associated with the hat or its gifted elements.

Keep out of reach of children.

Final Sale

All Anniversary products are excludes from all sales, promotions, and discounts.

We do not accept returns on the The Legend Hats. All sales are final.

Please be certain to double-check your hat size.

Refer to the sizing chart if needed.

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