Each hat hand embroidered by April SunShine in her studio space in Arizona or here in California.

Please allow 3-6 months for your hat to be completed,
as every embroidery piece is hand selected and created.


April SunShine

April Sunshine is an up-and-coming artist who specializes in the traditional crafts of the Dine and Totonac people. Her artistic focus is on embroidery design, and her work draws inspiration from the wilderness survival groups she led during her summers spent in the Tonto National Forest and other natural settings.

April's artistic vision is rooted in the concept of intergenerational connection, with a particular emphasis on the bonds between grandparents and children, parents and children, and individuals with one another. She believes that like developed flowers that send messages of sacredness to seedlings and other flowers, we too are all connected, and her art seeks to convey this universal symbolism.

Through her work, April Sunshine is quickly gaining recognition as a talented and insightful artist whose creations capture the beauty and interconnectedness of the natural world and the human experience.